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Mar 25 2022

Access Platforms Designed With Safety in Mind

RTS guarantees 100% safety and functionality and pride ourselves on our ability to complete these projects on time. .

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Mar 04 2022

Custom Rooftop Supports to Fit Any Application

Our custom rooftop supports allow you to easily assemble the unit on the job-site and also offers the ability for you to make onsite modifications without additional cutting, bending or welding. .

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Sep 28 2021

Access Platform CASE STUDY: RTS Goes Back To College

An access platform is the perfect rooftop addition when looking for a safe and cost effective solution that allows workers to easily access rooftop equipment..

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Sep 30 2020

Equipment Support Nightmares: What Not To Do

What not to do! Read our brief rundown of the top 3 things you should know when installing your rooftop equipment supports..

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Apr 17 2019

Fall Protection Railing Systems That Are OSHA Compliant

Did you know that fall protection was the #1 cited safety violation by OSHA in 2018 with 7,216 violations? Did you know that fall protection has been the #1 cited violation for eight consecutive years?.

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Jan 28 2019

Roof Duct Supports for Extreme Weather

Made with a heavy-duty steel base, our roof duct supports are securely bolted down to your roof surface for a sturdy, permanent connection, ensuring your piping and duct systems stay safe during extreme weather or seismic conditions..

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Nov 12 2018

Roof Maintenance Platform Case Study: Custom Made Support Systems

Our Rooftop Support Systems team was recently contacted by a customer in Madison, Wisconsin who was in need of multiple roof maintenance platforms.

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Aug 21 2018

Roof Maintenance Platforms Designed Around Your Rooftop Equipment

When it comes to designing Roof Maintenance Platforms, there is no such thing as a one size fits all approach. Roof Maintenance Platforms must be designed and constructed specifically to incorporate your rooftop equipment..

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May 11 2018

Roof Support Solutions Fully Engineered to Meet Your Needs

The presence of an approval stamp on the design assures that all necessary specifications have been taken into consideration and the roof support solutions are guaranteed to function as specified..

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Apr 26 2018

Roof Flashing Around Direct Mount RTS Bases To Keep Your Roof Waterproof

Roof Flashing Around Direct Mount RTS Bases Keeps Your Roof Waterproof..

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Mar 29 2018

Rubber Base Supports for Any Type of Roof

Non-penetrating rubber base supports provide the strength you need when installing rooftop equipment supports, crossover stairs and more. .

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Jul 12 2017

Top 5 Ways to Increase Wind Load Capacity of Rooftop Duct Supports

One of the most important considerations when designing and evaluating installation of rooftop duct supports is the wind load capacity and the effect the wind will have on the system.

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Mar 28 2017

Rooftop Equipment Access Platforms: Safe & Practical

Rooftop equipment access platforms provide maintenance workers with a safe pathway over conveyors, pipes and other obstacles..

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Feb 28 2017

The Revolutionary PUC Rubber Rooftop Support Increases Lifespan of Roof

The PUC Rubber Rooftop Support is the perfect, turnkey solution for light to medium duty rooftop support of pipe, duct, equipment and more..

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Feb 01 2017

Building Better Pathways for Increased Flat Roof Safety

Flat Roof Safety Supports are custom built to your measurements and shipped, in component form, directly to your job site. .

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