The Revolutionary PUC Rubber Rooftop Support Increases Lifespan of Roof

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Feb 28 2017

Longer Roof Life with the PUC Rubber Rooftop Support System

h-stand supporting a pipe

Use the PUC Rubber Rooftop Support to Increase the Longevity of Your Roof.

It’s so tempting to just go out and buy a few pieces of lumber, chop them up into shorter pieces, and slide them under your pipes, to elevate them from your rooftop. Especially when the pipes you’re supporting are so insubstantial – barely bigger around that a shiny quarter.

Why waste money on rooftop supports, right? It’s so much cheaper to use wood. Or is it?

As it turns out, it might be a rather costly mistake, as one customer found out.

Blocks of wood have sharp corners and edges. Over time, the weight of the pipe, combined with the softening of the roof’s rubber membrane, during peak sun hours, caused the block to sink into their rooftop and fuse with it. Eventually those blocks of wood compromised the integrity of their rooftop and caused them to have to make very costly repairs to it. They also had to fix the water damage that occurred because of it.

Even if using wooden blocks doesn’t gouge your rooftop’s surface and eat through its effectiveness, wood is still not the ideal material to use on rooftops. Extreme weather conditions, temperatures, and exposure to elements requires a material that will not rot and disintegrate, and therefore need to be replaced.

Rubber is an ideal material to use on rooftops for many reasons:

  • Rubber can be used directly on your roof’s surface, without the need for a barrier layer. This saves you time by eliminating a step and money by eliminating materials.
  • Rubber is a durable material that can easily withstand the harsh environment that most rooftops are exposed to, including temperature and weather extremes, and UV exposure.
  • The yielding nature of rubber aids in preventing penetration or punctures in your roof’s surface, while also helping to evenly distribute weight loads.
  • 100% of the rubber that our bases are manufactured from is recycled rubber.

The PUC Rooftop Support System is the perfect, turnkey solution for light to medium duty rooftop support of pipe, duct, equipment and more.

Our PUC solutions are:

RTSPUC4 Rubber Base Support Rooftop Support Systems
  • Highly Portable
  • Extremely Easy to Install
  • Reusable
  • Require NO Special Tools or Knowledge to Install

View all of our rooftop solutions, including The PUC, on our website.

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