Roof Maintenance Platform Case Study: Custom Made Support Systems

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Nov 12 2018

Custom Made Roof Maintenance Platforms for Various Elevations

Our Rooftop Support Systems team was recently contacted by a customer in Madison, Wisconsin who was in need of multiple roof maintenance platforms. They wanted to eliminate the possibility of workers having to walk directly on the roof by connecting two areas that frequently required regular maintenance. In order to do this, two separate maintenance platforms would need to be designed; each one custom made to accommodate the changes in roof elevation and roof transition. Our design experts were given the measurements and went to work to design a solution that would meet all of the customers’ needs.

Two Roof Maintenance Platforms To Solve the Problem

The first of the two modular support systems that our team designed was constructed using Sikla. It measured 115 feet long by 3 feet wide and weighed over 12,250 pounds. This roof maintenance platform was used to scale a 5′ 6″ roof transition. The second modular support system was smaller, measuring 30 feet long by 3 feet wide. This roof maintenance platform was constructed using 2,000 pounds of strut and it was used to scale a 8′ 6″ roof transition. All of the material was hot dipped galvanized for high resistance to the elements. The ASTM123 galvanizing carries a lifetime of 25-35 years until 5% surface rust occurs, depending on environmental factors.

Modular Support Systems Make Installation Easy

This project completed by our team of experts is a great example of the versatility of our Rooftop Support Systems. Our designs easily allow for accommodating multiple changes in roof elevation and roof direction. This project also shows that our rubber bases are stable enough to support these types of systems on a ballasted roof. On top of that, our modular roof maintenance platforms required no rigging or welding, making installation easy. It also allows for easy repairs to problem areas with the simple replacement of a single piece rather than an entire section.

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