Fall Protection Railing Systems That Are OSHA Compliant

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Apr 17 2019

Introducing Our NEW Fall Protection Railing System

Did you know that fall protection was the #1 cited safety violation by OSHA in 2018 with 7,216 violations? Did you know that fall protection has been the #1 cited violation for eight consecutive years? Our team of rooftop specialists have come up with NEW Fall Protection Railing Systems that will ensure your facility is in compliance with the appropriate OSHA Fall Protection Standards that apply to rooftop safety.  This customizable rooftop railing system not only saves you money by being in compliance with safety regulations, but it also increases safety and prevents your workers from sustaining avoidable injury or death.

Engineered, Manufactured and Delivered to Your Job Site

Our simple and easy-to-use Fall Protection Railing System provides leading edge fall protection for a variety of applications including rooftops, mezzanines, stairs, access platforms, gangways and loading docks, just to name a few. It’s easily installed with a simple set of allen wrenches and can be used for either temporary / portable fall protection or as a permanently installed fall protection system. When properly installed, your fall protection railing system will meet OSHA fall protection regulations (Standard 29-CFR) 1910.29, (Standard 29-CFR) 1926.502 and IBC 2002. Below are the specifications for the components that go into our guardrail system.

Non-penetrating Rubber Base (RTSFPBASE): our non-penetrating rubber base is made from the same recycled material that’s used with all of our rooftop support systems. They’re safe to use on any roofing material and provide safe and stable footing for the fall protection railing system. They weigh 70 pounds, have a length of 36 inches, a width of 14-1/2 inches and a height of 2-1/2 inches. Because they are non-penetrating, these bases do not require drilling, special fasteners or attachments, meaning they can be placed anywhere on your rooftop and can be easily adjusted or moved when necessary.

Railing: our rooftop railings are fabricated in house from 1-1/4 inch schedule 40 steel tubing with a 1.66 inch outside diameter. The standard stock sizes are 48 inches, 72 inches, 96 inches and 120 inches, but custom sizes are available upon request. Available finishes for the railing include hot dip galvanized (ASTM 123) and powder coated. The top railing sits 42 inches (+/- 3 inches) above the walking surface and has a loading of 200 pounds in any downward or outward direction. The middle railing sits 21 inches above the walking surface and has a loading of 150 pounds in any downward or outward direction. If a more architectural and aesthetically pleasing look is something you’re interested in, an infill panel option is available. If you want to create custom sizes on the fly, we also offer splice fittings.

Fall Protection Railing Systems Can Be Customized

We understand that not every rooftop is the same and not every project will have the same site-specific needs. Our Fall Protection Railing Systems can be customized to fit any roof shape or size to ensure your facility is in compliance with OSHA fall protection standards. Let our team of engineers and project managers take your next project from concept to completion. We’ll design a system that not only keeps your workers safe, but also fits within your budget and time frame. Click the button below to learn more about our Rooftop Guard Rail Systems.

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