Custom Fabrication

Laser Cutting Custom Pieces | RTS | Rooftop Support Systems | a Division of Eberl Iron Works, Inc. | Buffalo, NY

Fabricating Custom Solutions for Your Specialized Project Needs

Our parent company, Eberl Iron Works, was founded in 1923 as a metal fabrication company, and our metal fabrication division is still going strong today. Because of our close ties with our sister division, we have the ability to create custom parts and pieces, as needed, to meet your project’s special requirements. This could be as simple as modifying our standard items to match the specific job site conditions, or designing, engineering, and fabricating a completely new item. 

Here’s just one example where our additional capabilities came in handy for our customer:

We worked on a project in Florida that required crossover stairs to traverse rooftop piping. This project had very high wind requirements, but we were not allowed to attach to or penetrate the roof in any way. Thanks to our fabrication capabilities, we were able to manufacture a large, custom base, weighing over 130 lbs., which provided the necessary weight and stability to address our customer’s concerns about wind.

Your Project is in Capable Hands:

  • Shearing, Forming & Laser Cutting
  • Welding
  • Notching & Punching

RTS Goes Above and Beyond to Get the Job Done

We realize that every project, and every rooftop, is different. We’ve engineered a modular system of supports that make installation quick and easy, but our ability to customize and tailor these designs is what makes us shine. If you’ve got a problem, we can solve it.