Roof Stairs, an Integral Part of Roof Safety Systems

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Jan 08 2024

Roof stairs are an essential piece of roof safety systems, as they provide several immediate benefits to both the individuals using them and the building they are installed upon. The first and most obvious benefit to installing roof stairs is that they provide personnel a safe and secure crossover path when traversing common rooftop obstacles such as pipes, duct work, cable trays, conduits, and equipment. Roof stairs also eliminate the need for portable ladders which can often create dangerous situations for workers. Providing secure and stable platforms on uneven or multi-level surfaces allows for workers to work more safely and more efficiently. Roof stairs are also durable and protect the roof itself from gradual tread wear from foot traffic, minimizing roof damage and repair.

Below is a demonstration of how simple installation can be for crossover roof stairs. While the assembly may be easy, the benefits are advanced!

Watch the 3D Rendered Video Showing How to Assemble RTS Roof Crossover Stairs

This highly instructional 3D rendering video walks you through the assembly process of our crossover roof stair. Our Crossover roof stairs are perfect for providing safe navigation over rooftop obstacles such as pipes, ducts, and other rooftop HVAC obstructions.

Pipe Crossover Roof Stair Assembly Steps

  1. Begin by placing 4 rubber bases in alignment with where the corners of the platform portion of the completed stair assembly will be.
  2. Next, we insert and secure a piece of Unistrut channel to the upright portion of each rubber base.
  3. Unistrut wing shaped fittings are then secured to each channel at the desired height of the platform.
  4. Now, assemble your platform by securing individual safety grating planks perpendicular to your two precut lengths of Unistrut channel.
  5. Now position the platform onto the wing shape fitting and bolt into place.
  6. Additional pieces of Unistrut are secured to the wing shaped fittings, at both ends of the platform, and bolted in place to complete the platform frame and increase its stability.
  7. Next, we attach and secure the stair step framework and custom stair brackets to the existing structure, on either side of the raised platform.
  8. Safety grating stair treads are then secured to each stair bracket.
  9. Lastly, a railing system is secured at the bases of the stairs and the top platform for fall protection. You have now successfully assembled your rootfop crossover staircase.

Key Benefits of Crossover Roof Stairs

  • Safety for personnel traversing the roof
  • Protection for the roof itself
  • Easily customizable
  • Quick and easy installation
  • High durability

What should you keep in mind when searching for the right roof stairs for you?

When it comes to purchasing the right roof stair system, there are a lot of factors to consider. Location placement, weight bearing, and stair angle are just a few examples of aspects that require consideration when deciding what stair system is the best fit for your needs. Each job has unique demands and no one understands that better than us! Let us design you a customized roof stair system that fulfills all your specific requirements. Give us a call and let us know how our experts can assist you!

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