Rubber Base Supports for Any Type of Roof

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Mar 29 2018

Non-Penetrating Rubber Base Supports Provide the Strength You Need

Our Rubber Base Supports are designed to be used with any of the roof support systems we offer. Made from 99% recycled tires, our Rubber Base Supports won’t fade, deteriorate, or compromise your rooftop membrane.

Whether you’re installing the most complex maintenance platform or the simplest pipe supports, the success of your project greatly depends on the quality and material of the base. Our team of Rooftop Support experts came up with a simple, cost effective way to support a wide variety of rooftop support systems that is far superior to traditional rooftop support methods.

The traditional method for roof pipe support and HVAC support is to use a length of pressure treated 4 x 4 lumber as a support. Although it does provide the necessary support, this dated method has many flaws.

Lumber supports have sharp corners and edges which can dig into rubber membrane roofs over time, causing them to be penetrated, often voiding roof warranties and compromising rooftop stability and weatherproofing. In addition, lumber supports don’t provide the necessary weight to resist pipe movement caused by expansion, contraction, or wind forces on ducts or equipment.

Similar Products Don’t Stack Up To Our Rubber Base Supports

Similar rooftop support bases are made with high density polypropylene rather than being made with recycled rubber. Polypropylene is not an ideal material for rooftop applications because it has the potential to become soft in high heat, or brittle in extreme cold, compromising the stability of your support system. Where as our rubber bases can easily withstand temperature and weather extremes because the rubber is treated with sulfur to resist softening in excessive heat and hardening in excessive cold.

Poly bases also weigh significantly less than our rubber bases, thus limiting their ability to provide support when being used in areas with high wind forces or frequent pipe movement. On top of that, polypropylene bases can show signs of degradation and color fading even though they typically contain a UV inhibitor. This is not a factor with our rubber rooftop base supports; carbon black is added to the tire rubber as a UV inhibitor and the extra weight our the rubber provides support to lessen pressure from wind forces and pipe movement.

Key Features & Benefits of Our Rubber Base Supports

RTSPUC4 Rubber Base Support Rooftop Support Systems
  • SAFE to use on any ANY ROOF including rubber roof membrane (no sharp, penetrating edges)
  • ECO-FRIENDLY product – made from 99% RECYCLED RUBBER tires
  • Provides a STABLE FOOTPRINT for any application
  • NO ADDITIONAL PADS required underneath base supports* (*roofing manufacturer specifications may vary)
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