Crossover Stair CASE STUDY: Designing Custom Rubber Feet

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Sep 22 2022

Using Crossover Stairs to Avoid Rooftop Obstacles

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Constructed from high strength steel and utilizing rubber feet (bases), our Rooftop Crossover Stair Systems provide a cost friendly, effective and safe way for rooftop maintenance workers to travel over obstacles and hazards. The modular design allows the system to be assembled onsite without the need for welding or sawing and the rubber feet (bases) are non-penetrating, meaning the integrity of your roof is not compromised.

Designing Custom Rubber Bases for a Brewery

When it comes to designing and engineering custom rooftop support systems, a lot of different requirements and conditions need to be taken into consideration. Our Rooftop Support Systems (RTS) division was recently given a project for a crossover stair system for a brewery located in Jacksonville, FL. It was a standard crossover design that was being installed on a 60ft building, but the biggest detail that had to be calculated for was the wind load requirements. Because of where the system was going to be installed, it had to meet requirements for Risk Category 2, Exposure Category B and 125 mph wind speeds. The system also couldn’t be permanently attached to the building.

With all the details laid out, our designers and engineers went to work to design custom rubber feet (bases) that would be able to meet these wind load requirements. The final design called for custom bases weighing 110 pounds each. With the weight of these portable rubber bases along with the weight of the crossover stair system components, the design met all wind load requirements. The material was cut, kitted and shipped from our warehouse directly to the brewery where it was easily installed on site without any problems.

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