Pipe Supports Case Study: Supporting Refrigeration Lines

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Mar 25 2019

Our Rooftop Pipe Supports Can Be Used For A Variety Of Applications

Designed for safely and securely mounting pipe(s), spiral or rectangular duct and cable trays, our H-Stands are available in a variety of configurations for numerous applications and help to maximize job site efficiency. The non-penetrating rubber bases eliminate the need for roof work and the welded cross braces and pre-cut framing reduce hardware while still allowing for easy adjustability. There is no prefabrication time required, making our h-stands the ideal solution when looking for reliable pipe supports. Below is a pipe supports case study that showcases our ability to meet customers’ needs.

Custom Pipe Supports To Meet The Customer’s Needs

Our team of rooftop estimators and project managers were given an order from a regional supermarket chain located in Rochester, New York who needed 300 h-stands for an upcoming rooftop project. They’ll be using the h-stands as refrigeration line pipe supports and needed custom heights and lengths to make sure the refrigeration lines are properly mounted and secured. The order consisted of 75 h-stand units that were 3 feet tall, 159 h-stand units that were 5 five tall and 66 h-stand units that were 7 feet tall.The cross braces for these pipe supports were heavy-duty and had widths spanning from 30 feet to 132 feet wide. 51 of the h-stands were double stacked and 150 wind braces were included for tying the units together. All the material was hot dip galvanized after fabrication to ensure the pipe supports were protected from the elements. RTS21, non-penetrating rubber bases, were used as the supporting feet to maintain the warranty of the customer’s roof membrane.

In total, the order weighed over 36,000 pounds and took more than 20 hours to quote and finalize. From start to finish, including the hot dip process, bad weather and multiple shipments due to the large size of the order, our customer received their pipe supports in a little under 5 weeks. They were pleased with the fast and friendly customer service and were amazed at how easy our pipe supports were to install and adjust.

Complete Your Next Project for Less With RTS

Our Rooftop Support Systems division offers a unique line of roof duct and pipe supports that can meet your project needs. No job is too big or too small for our project managers and estimators and we’ll make sure we meet all of your custom requirements along the way. Click the button below to request a quote and get started on your next rooftop project.

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