Crossover Stair Systems Case Study: Helping Customers Avoid Downtime

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Sep 30 2021

Custom Crossover Stair Systems To Increase Work Efficiency

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Crossover Stairs, also known as crossover bridges, are used to safely allow maintenance workers and employees to maneuver over obstacles and hazards. They’re constructed from high strength steel framing and utilize non-penetrating, recycled rubber bases for added stability. The modular design allows for easy assembly on the job-site without the need for welding, rigging, cutting or heavy machinery. Safely and easily cross over rooftop equipment, piping, duct work, and other obstacles by installing custom crossover stair systems that meet your needs.

Crossover Stairs With a Unique Application

Typically, customers order crossover stairs from our Rooftop Support Systems (RTS) division with the intention of installing the stairs outdoors on a rooftop to help maintenance workers avoid rooftop obstacles. We recently had an electric car company in California request custom crossover stairs for a unique, indoor application.

The custom crossover stairs were being utilized to allow employees to cross over assembly lines within the factory to avoid the plant having to shut down the machines. With the assembly line being in constant use, the company couldn’t afford to keep stopping their operations every time someone needed to move to a new location.

Our team of project managers, designers and engineers went to work, creating custom crossover stairs that fit the customer’s needs. Everything was approved, packaged in kits and shipped to their location. With the use of simple tools, the stairs were constructed and are now being used to allow employees to safely travel around the assembly lines. All safety guidelines and customer requirements were met, leaving them satisfied!

Who We Are and What We Do

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Rooftop Support Systems (RTS), a division of Eberl Iron Works, Inc., provides a wide range of products that increase rooftop safety and provide support for rooftop equipment. Systems include maintenance platforms, h-stands, crossover stairs, and access platforms, to name a few. For a complete guide to everything we have to offer, click the button below to download a FREE copy of our catalog.

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