Custom Roof Platform for Data Center HVAC Access

Rooftop Support Systems Roof Platform | RTS | Rooftop Support Systems | a Division of Eberl Iron Works, Inc. | Buffalo, NY
May 14 2024

A Roof Platform system provides several benefits upon installation, ranging from improved rooftop equipment access to increased roof safety for workers. The Rooftop Support Systems team recently designed and implemented a customized roof platform system for a large-scale data center with a significant amount of equipment on their roof.

This job came with a unique set of challenges that had to be taken into consideration during the designing of the system. Ultimately, we were able to address these issues through careful planning and provide workers with safe access to maintain rooftop equipment without any compromise. Let’s take a closer look into the process behind how this custom roof platform and stair system was designed.

Rooftop Support Systems Roof Platform | RTS | Rooftop Support Systems | a Division of Eberl Iron Works, Inc. | Buffalo, NY

Customizing Roof Platforms & Roof Access Stairs

The initial problem this project was meant to address was providing workers and servicemen with safe access to rooftop equipment, such as the HVAC system. Due to the height difference between the roof, at the HVAC access doors, staircases had to be factored in at either end of the roof platforms.

An additional challenge was presented by the existing rooftop structures, which had to be factored into the overall design plan. These structures included numerous pipe runs, as well as a number of cable trays. The position and location of the stairs as well as distance between supports had to be adjusted to work around these obstacles while still maintaining the overall structural integrity of the roof platforms.

Lastly, due to the complexity of wiring throughout the building, a non penetrating roof mount was the best option for stabilizing the roof platform system without drilling into the building itself. Through in-depth planning, all these obstacles were able to be appropriately addressed.

Rooftop Support Systems Roof Platform | RTS | Rooftop Support Systems | a Division of Eberl Iron Works, Inc. | Buffalo, NY

Key Benefits of Our Custom Roof Platforms

  • Rubber Feet Won’t Damage Rooftops
  • Modular Construction Saves on Time & Labor
  • Provides Workers with Safe Access to Maintain Equipment

Roof Platform with Non Penetrating Roof Mount Design

Our roof supports utilize 100% recycled rubber feet that rest on top of your roof and help disperse weight evenly. It is a preferred choice for many as it provides a non-intrusive option for stabilizing rooftop systems, without compromising roof integrity, or voiding roof warranties. Non penetrating roof mounted supports don’t require flashing, so they save time and labor, while also avoiding the possibility of leaks.

Sikla Modular Construction Saves Time

By choosing to utilize a modular structural framing material called Sikla in construction of these roof platforms, a significant amount of time and labor was saved. Sikla is fully adjustable, can be connected to on all four sides, uses one mechanical fastener for all connections, and requires no special tools to install.

The result is the creation of an incredibly strong and durable system in a lot less time. Users report assembling rooftop support systems with Sikla products decreases time spent by 15% to 30% on average by eliminating the need to weld, drill, or hunt around through multiple styles and sizes for the correct hardware.

Roof Platform Provides Safe Access For Equipment Maintenance

Customized rooftop support systems most importantly provide workers with easy access to rooftop equipment that needs to be regularly serviced. On this particular job, the customer required the doors and panels, on large pieces of rooftop HVAC equipment, be accessible to maintenance crews. Due to the elevation of these doors and panels, roof stairs had to be designed into to the raised platforms and railing were also required. Now workers simply have to climb a few steps to complete their inspections and repairs safely.

How RTS Can Assist You

Rooftop Support Systems offers a wide range of services including:

  • Design Engineering
  • Material Takeoff
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Project Installation

Talk to a expert today and see how Rooftop Support Systems can assist you with your project!

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