Design Engineering

Customized Solutions Engineered to Fit Your Roof Support Needs Rooftop Support Systems offers complete design engineering services, using our own products, on any project that may have structural, wind, or seismic requirements. We will design to your project location’s local building codes and provide a stamped set of calculations to certify that our system meets … Continued

Material Takeoff

Fast and Accurate Construction Takeoff Material Estimates Rooftop Support Systems offers complete material takeoff and design services. Estimators and Project Managers have enough on their plate. Simply provide the product drawings and let us take it from there. You will be supplied a detailed layout, pricing, and all relevant submittal information needed to complete the … Continued

Custom Fabrication

Fabricating Custom Solutions for Your Specialized Project Needs Our parent company, Eberl Iron Works, was founded in 1923 as a metal fabrication company, and our metal fabrication division is still going strong today. Because of our close ties with our sister division, we have the ability to create custom parts and pieces, as needed, to … Continued


Professional Installation Services Rooftop Support Systems is now offering professional installation services in select portions of the U.S., including the Northeast, and parts of the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic. Our skilled installation will team travel to your location and ensure that your rooftop supports are installed quickly and correctly on your roof top. Whether it’s placing … Continued

Special Packaging & Shipping

We Pack It Up So You Can Put It Together Rooftop Support Systems is in business because we put our customers first. Wherever we can help save time and money for our customers, we will. Providing special packaging, labeling, and partial assembly are all ways that we have helped make the assembly process as painless … Continued

Our Services

Supporting You Every Step of the Way The Rooftop Support Systems division of Eberl Iron Works, Inc. develops innovative and economical solutions for non-penetrating rooftop support systems. These environmentally friendly systems dampen vibration and provide a stable source of support for high cost equipment, while helping to extend roof life. Rooftop Support Systems’ engineered, and … Continued